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Azamara Canadian @Par Offer

LONGER STAYS. MORE OVERNIGHTS. NIGHT TOURING. THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN OFFER REIMAGINE HOW YOU EAT, DRINK AND HAVE FUN IN 2016 AZAMARA wants you aboard the voyage for those who love travel! Not only will Azamara Club Cruises® take you to the most celebrated destinations on Earth, but on their mid-size ships, you’ll […]

Why Choose Cruising!

  Cruising is the fastest growing segment of the entire leisure market. Since 1980, the industry has had an annual growth rate of eight to ten percent. Market analysis indicates that there is significant growth potential as more new people are experiencing the magic of a cruise vacation. In 2007, an estimated 15 million guests […]

How to Plan a Cruise Budget!

Before you go on your cruise, you’ll need to decide how much money you need, or can, bring along. You’ll probably find this easier on a cruise than for other vacations because of the quasi-all inclusive cruise programs. The cabin, on board entertainment and food are generally always included. Some things not included would be: […]

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