A Wedding & Banquet Reception On A Cruise Ship

Article by Frances T. Russell

A wedding on a cruise ship can be a wonderful event. All your guests are on board. They are captive so to speak ? well treated in luxury, all in one place. Its not as if they can be delayed on route to the church and arrive late in their travels ? all to miss your wedding day, the ceremony and festivities. Either they make it on board, to the departure of the cruise ship from its dock or not. They are now on board ? or perhaps they can meet the cruise ship as it makes a port of call at another docking site. That is if the engagement can be arranged.

Having a wedding on a cruise ship has a number of advantages and possibilities. First of all everything is in one place. Your guests, the setting and settings, a host for both your wedding event, entertaining and entertainments, lodgings and accommodations, catering, banquet hall, fine support staff, wonderful scenery as well as competent high end staff who are more than familiar with both entertainment procedures, support staff and providing a high level of service. In addition its not as if they will never see and hear from you again if they do not provide that level of service and support. After all you are going to be aboard the ship and premises for more than a couple of days later to get satisfaction from their services and if need be actually go up the command ladder of the ship to the captain him or herself.

To begin with what constitutes a ?cruise ship?? While it could be said that a river boat cruising the Red River in Winnipeg might be considered a cruise ship ? while it might be this would only be a cruise of several hours and could be considered not much more than an afternoon single event ? perhaps wedding ceremony followed by a banquet meal and evenings entertainment. A wedding event on a cruise ship usually refers to a multi day event on a large cruise ship plying the waters and hosting and accommodation your guests for several days and nights duration.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association ?Cruise Weddings? themselves have grown at a phenomenal rate and rates. The Carnival Cruise Lines themselves are set to host 2,000 weddings this year, in 2009, themselves alone. Carnival Cruise Lines is just one of the operators in the industry. There are many other additional cruise and hospitality cruise line companies.

On top of that with all the cruise lines and routes, Wedding Cruises are available for most tastes and budgets almost anywhere in the world, on whatever ocean, route, scenery or budget that you care for.

Your wedding can be hosted on the cruise ship itself of course, or offshore ? be it in a local church at a port of call or even on a romantic beach of you, your bride or groom, or family’s choice.

The beauty is first of all, one stop shopping, everything is in one place ? including your guests, the support staff and most of the facilities that are needed for your events and festivities. On top of that your events will be unique and memorable. In terms of pricing and packages most are available from most cruise lines, in a rainbow of options, unique opportunities and budgets.

Remember in the end that it is your wedding, a day and event that you will never forget. ?Your day in the Sun?.

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