Bahamas Wedding Cruises

Article by George Steiner

Wedding cruises are extremely popular instead of a church ceremony. Plenty of

cruise lines offer wedding and honeymoon packages for couples who want to

start their lives together with a bit of romance. Part of the excitement of

planning the wedding is finding the ideal wedding cruise for you.

By far the most popular and talked about wedding cruise package is offered by

the Disney Cruise Line. Think of your choices; a beautiful wedding ceremony

on the sun deck of a ship or one of the eloquent lounges. The party usually

begins with the wedding with the reception following to include the cake

cutting, champaign and festivities. How much does it cost? approximately

$ 1900.

If those options just aren’t romantic enough for you, Disney Wedding Cruises

have another option. What about getting married on a private Bahamas Island,

Disney’s Castaway Cay. With this package, the bride gets transported to

Castaway Cay prior to anyone in the wedding party. The next to be taken to the

island is the groom. The reception follows the wedding, that occurs back on

board. Want to know a secret? The bride and groom actually get married prior

to getting on the ship.

Carnival wedding cruises have different prices depending on the amenities you

choose and the number of guests that come to the ceremony. How much will a

Carnival wedding package cost? For getting married in the Port of Nassau about

$ 1500. Would you like to extend the party on board? Carnival also offers a

“Welcome Aboard” addition raising the price to $ 1600. For a Deluxe Romance

package, the price is over $ 1800. Now if your guest list grows, so does your

bill! For an additional 50 guests, add $ 100.

You may be wondering what is included in the “Welcome Aboard Package”?

Included is a 1 hour reception, hors d’oeuvres, wedding cake and sparkling

wine A photographer is also supplied with the package. The Deluxe Romance

Package for Carnival’s wedding cruises offers these amenities and more.

The wedding cruises offered by Carnival are varied. The ship Carnival Valor

is theme based with literary, historical and artist heroes. A special feature

of this ship is a dance room themed as a disco with full wall video. The only

cruise ship that goes to the Bahamas is the Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines also provides wedding cruises but you must verify

that the cruise offers the wedding package. It has to be a cruise that has

been in the waters of the Bahamas for 24 hours before it arrives in Nassau and

the wedding begins. The Royal Caribbean Cruise wedding packages vary from

$ 1600 – $ 2000.

In terms of awesome honeymoon and wedding packages, Royal Caribbean is 1st

class! Most unusual is that the ceremony really takes place on the island.

Everything can be taken care of through the ship’s wedding coordinator.

It is important to think of the honeymoon part of the wedding cruise as well.

Look for the cruise package that offers you the best views and experiences of

the Bahamas. There are some great wedding/honeymoon cruise packages

available, by choosing carefully you will make your wedding truly memorable.

So, as you can see, there are really many <a>href=”https://carolina-”>Bahamas Wedding Cruises packages

available in the market today. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and it

would take much more room than we have here to compare them fully.

Fortunately, there is a great resource you can use. Click to Bahamas Wedding Cruises for a more complete review to help you select the Bahamas Wedding Cruise that’s best for you.

I went on a Disney cruise to attend the wedding of my friends Michael and Justin. This is Part 1 of our adventures. Part 2: Part 3:

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