Best Luxury Cruise Lines

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Trying to determine which is the best luxury cruise line is a little like trying to deciding which is the the best Beatles song. It is virtually an impossible task. There are so many good ones, and all offer something a little different that set them apart from the others. With that in mind I have compiled a list of 3 of the best luxury cruise lines operating today. See who made the cut below:

Seabourn Cruise Lines – In operation for more than 2 decades now this company has become synonymous with the word luxury. Like the other players in the ultra luxury market Seabourn’s ships are small. In fact they are so cozy and exclusive that the company actually markets them as The Yachts of Seabourn, and life aboard feels like a day at the club rather than a cruise at times. They are world renowned for their fine dining, and a meal served here wouldn’t be out of place in one of Europe’s finest restaurants. If you are looking for exclusivity and privacy you can’t do much better than Seabourn.

Regent Seven Seas – This small cruise line is known for delivering both comfort and superior technology. Egyptian cotton linens are standard in all their suites, and if you want to get your entertainment fix and stay connected to the rest of the world while at sea Regent has you covered. Flat screen TVs, DVD players, Bose stereo systems, Wi-fi internet access, and even onboard cellphone service are all included.

Crystal Cruises – Speaking of exclusivity, Crystal Cruise Lines only offers two ships in its fleet, so booking passage may be a challenge indeed. However, if you are one of the lucky ones to experience a Crystal cruise you will agree that it was well worth the inconvenience of securing a ticket. Known for their ability to offer ocean liner amenities on small ships, Crystal really stands head and shoulders above its peers. Food and wine are top-notch with exotic culinary options including sushi bars! Crystal even caters to families and is one of the few ultra luxury cruise lines to include children’s activities on its ships.

This is just a sampling of the best luxury cruise lines operating today. Others like Silversea and Cunard are good as well, and offer high end all-inclusive cruise options that can put the big lines like Disney, Carnival and Princess to shame.

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Best Luxury Cruise Ship Video - Silversea Cruise Line

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