G Adventures – Why You Should Book With Them!

It’s not just where you go. It’s how.
There are as many travel companies to explore the world with as there are places to explore. G Adventures travellers are looking for something more than a plane ticket, a hotel room, and a seat on a bus. We make travel meaningful by thinking small, thinking local, and thinking about what benefits the traveller, the trip, and the planet best.

How you get around depends on your choice of Travel Style and Service Level. We use local transport – buses, taxis, commuter trains, etc – because it’s the most economical and colourful way to go.

We select accommodations that reflect the character of the destination. This could mean a handpicked downtown hotel one night, a unique homestay the next, and camping under the stars the night after that.

Your trip is just that – yours. Want to linger at the market or grab a table at that cozy café? Consider it done. We give your trip structure and direction, but you decide what you want to do with it.

Small groups
Our groups average about 12 travellers per departure, and are typically a mix of solo travellers, friends travelling together, and couples, all of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Come prepared to make plenty of new best friends.

Chief Experience Officers (CEOs)
Every trip comes equipped with an expert Chief Experience Officer (CEO) responsible for enriching your journey, offering local insight, and pursuing great experiences as they happen. To your CEO, making your trip memorable is all in a day’s work.

Why Book With G Adventures?
As small-group adventure travel pioneers, we’ve always done things a little bit differently. To us, there’s no such thing as “outside-the-box thinking” because we don’t believe in boxes. Check out a few of the ways la difference is vive’d daily around here.

100% Guaranteed Departures
Every G Adventures departure is now guaranteed to run. Yup, all of them. Once you’ve booked and paid, that’s it – you’re going, guaranteed. Your trip won’t be cancelled by us for any reason (beyond harsh weather or safety issues). Promise.

Lifetime Deposits
Our Lifetime Deposit Policy is designed to protect you from unexpected events that may cause you to cancel or delay your trip. You can use it again for the same trip, transfer it to another one, save it up for a not-so-rainy day, pass it on to a friend or donate it to Planeterra.

24/7 Service
When your business covers the whole world like ours does, you have to be available and account- able all the time. If you’ve got a question about a trip – even if it’s the one you’re currently on – we’re here to help. Always. We never sleep. NEVER.

No single supplements
Travelling by yourself doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. We treat single travellers to the same benefits as the rest of the group, which is why we don’t charge single supplements. We’ll partner you up with a same-sex roommate to ensure you pay the same as everyone else.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we offer the widest variety of destinations, departure dates, Travel Styles, and Service Levels in the business. No matter where, when, how or why you want to travel, we’ve got the trip of a lifetime for you. (Toot.)

We offer unforgettable travel experiences at the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere. How? By following a grassroots approach to travel that keeps operating costs low and savings high.

We’re pretty proud of our customer satisfaction record. A whopping 99 percent of our travellers report satisfaction with the service we offered them on their trip. How do we do that? By listening to them. It’s just one of the many ways we lead with service.

Global network
There’s a great big world out there, and with 20 sales and operations offices worldwide, you’re never far from one. Our exclusive boats, vehicles, and lodges ensure we can deliver a fresh, fun, and consistently G Adventures-y experience from start to finish.