How to Plan a Cruise Budget!

Before you go on your cruise, you’ll need to decide how much money you need, or can, bring along. You’ll probably find this easier on a cruise than for other vacations because of the quasi-all inclusive cruise programs.

The cabin, on board entertainment and food are generally always included. Some things not included would be:

Beverages (bottled water, soft drinks, alcohol)
Casino Gaming & Bingo
Alternative Restaurants
Specialty Ice Cream & Coffee
Internet Access
Laundry, Pressing & Dry Cleaning
Medical Treatment
Shore Excursions
Spas, Salons, Personal Trainers & Specialized Exercise Classes

Other necessities of a personal nature can add up as well. Be sure to pack extras for essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair spray, soap, etc. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you may have to buy these things on board because they’re much more expensive. On my transatlantic sailing a bottle of NyQuil cost me $20, where that same bottle cost $8.99 back home.

Before leaving home, consider the cost of passports, visas (for certain countries), and travel insurance (read more about cruise travel insurance here). You need to figure in these costs because getting out of them isn’t an option.

Those expenses aside, the majority of on board “extras” are strictly discretionary. You can choose whether to purchase alcoholic beverages or cappuccino, for instance. And no one will blink an eye if you shy away from the casino or spa. While the extras greatly enhance the overall experience of a cruise, they can quickly add up and exceed the initial fare if you aren’t careful.

Cruise passengers are caught in something of a “Catch- 22?—either pay a higher fare up front or pay for non-included items later. By determining your priorities in advance, you may find that a truly all-inclusive luxury cruise can be comparable in total cost to a mainstream or premium level cruise, depending on the category booked and your personal spending habits.

The ships generally plan on about $100/day/person in on-board revenues including drinks, shops, slots, shore excursions, etc. You certainly don’t HAVE to spend this much, but it’s a good starting point to consider.

It certainly is possible to not go overboard (pun) with extras, but one area to not skimp on is gratuities. Read the fine print in your chosen cruise line’s website and you should face no spending bombshells once you are on board.

Cruise Budget tips:

Consider using a pre-paid credit card so you don’t over extend yourself
Pre-book everything you can so you aren’t caught off guard with expenses and your vacation will be paid-in-full
Purchase travel insurance, I know I always say this but I always purchase and have used it – protect your investment – trust me on this one.
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Planning A Cruise!

Cruising has never been more popular or affordable. If you are a first-time cruiser, be sure to use a CruiseShipCenters Consultant to help plan the vacation that is just right for you. We have extensive knowledge of destinations, cruise lines, and even the character of each ship!

Take advantage of our experience. Below are the TOP questions that we get and we want to share them with you:

Is cruising expensive?

Just do the math. Compare a one week cruise against a week at a resort. On a cruise vacation, your meals, accommodations, entertainment, and most activities are included in the fare. It’s easy to stick to your budget. Plus, on a cruise you get to visit many different ports of call. Unpack once and settle in for a journey that takes you anywhere you want to go. At the end of the day, you retreat to a floating resort to enjoy fabulous cuisine, world-class entertainment, then get lulled to sleep at sea.

Will I get seasick?

Today’s cruise ships are engineered with state-of-the-art stabilizers that greatly reduce ship motion. If seasickness is a concern, choose a cabin towards the center of the ship where ship movement is less pronounced. You can also consult your doctor about medications to take in case of motion sickness.

Won’t I get bored?

Only if you want to be. How would you like to go ice skating, rock climbing, practice your golf swing, shoot a few hoops, go to the casino, see a Broadway-style show, do some shopping, work out at the gym, relax at the spa, take a dip in the pool, log onto the Internet? You can do it all without ever leaving the ship! Every ship has a Cruise Director whose job is to make sure each guest makes the most of their vacation. In fact, there are so many things to do while cruising that you will probably book a longer cruise next time.
Are there different classes of service?

Every guest can enjoy the use of any of the ship’s facilities. The price and the category of staterooms are based primarily on size and location. Whatever category you book, you’ll enjoy the same courteous service, exquisite dining, variety of activities, and world class entertainment as everyone else.

What is there to do in port?

So much, you’ll have a hard time choosing! You can go off on your own or take a guided tour. You can search ancient ruins or hunt for shopping bargains. Ride a raft over river rapids, bicycle down the side of a 10,000 foot volcano, or ride a horse across miles of beaches. Climb a waterfall or a pyramid. See the birthplace of civilization or listen to steel drum bands. Follow the footsteps of history or the wake of a water-skiing boat. If there’s still time (and you aren’t ready to rest yet), enjoy a folkloric show. Play golf, basketball or tennis. Discover local and exotic cuisine or learn how to windsurf. Sun and swim on some of the world’s best beaches. Catch a record-size marlin. Sail, snorkel, or go scuba diving. Go to a nightclub or a glittering casino. Take a cable car to the top of a mountain. Explore dark catacombs. In short, a cruise is the easiest way to see new places and do all of the things you dream about. Cruising is the perfect opportunity to sample destinations that you may want to return to for another vacation. You only have to unpack once, and the destinations come to you!

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance can give you and your loved ones peace of mind that in the case of an emergency you’ll be protected. Whether you’re looking for medical coverage in a foreign country or want to protect your belongings, there is an insurance policy that is right for you. If you currently have travel insurance, be sure to understand what is covered and what limitations or exclusions may be listed. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of unforeseeable circumstances that could occur when traveling to a new place, and travel insurance can protect your vacation investment.

Do I require travel visas?

Depending on the ports of call you’re visiting you may require travel visas along with the rest of your travel documents. Your Cruise Consultant is a valuable resource for any questions regarding travel documents, as well as, you may contact your local embassies for more information.
How am I going to get to the port?

Depending on how far from the embarkation port you are, you may require a flight in to the port city. To avoid unforeseeable delays, and in some cases offset jet lag or fatigue, you may wish to fly in early and enjoy your stay in the port city. Your Cruise Consultant can help you plan your flight, as well as pre and post cruise hotels, with their expert knowledge of the major port cities. On the contrary, if you’re driving to the port, be sure to arrive early with enough time to arrange your parking.

Can I smoke onboard?

Smoking on cruise ships has become quite the subject of debate, however, most cruise lines have adopted the policy of designated smoking areas, with the rest of the ship being a no smoking zone. In general, smoking is usually prohibited in exterior public spaces as well as indoors. You can check with your Cruise Consultant, cruise line or your specific cruise ship about their smoking policy, as well as the location of any designated smoking areas.
Can I bring alcohol onboard?

In general, most cruise lines do not allow you to bring alcohol onboard. If you buy alcohol as a souvenir at the ports of call, your cruise line may store them for you until the end of your vacation. You can inquire with your Cruise Consultant for your cruise line’s specific alcohol policies.

Do cruise lines welcome families with kids?

Families with children book 25% of all cruise vacations. Most cruise lines offer special programs, facilities, and activities based on age. Children and teens not only get to meet kids their own age, but often travel at a substantially-reduced rate.

Many cruise lines have extensive programs and special activities for every age group, from toddler to teen. This gives youngsters a chance to experience the cruise with kids their own age while mom and dad enjoy some adults-only time together. Naturally, many of the traditional pleasures of a cruise, such as shore excursions, onboard ship activities, and dinners, can be shared by the whole family together.

Your CruiseShipCenters Consultant can recommend the ideal family vacation. Here is a sample of some of the amenities that are offered:
Princess Cruises’ Youth and Teen Centers include various games tables, movie rooms, and all the latest video games. The new Sun Princess and Dawn Princess have an extensive toddlers’ play area. For teens, there are special entertainment hideouts called “Cyberspace” and “The Fast Lane.” The friendly staff coordinate and supervise a variety of activities including karaoke, movie fest, theme parties, and more.

Royal Caribbean International caters to family cruising by offering special suites that sleep up to six people. Young cruisers are divided into “Aquanauts” (ages 3 – 5), “Explorers” (ages 6 – 8), “Voyagers” (ages 9 – 12) and “Navigators” (ages 13 – 17). The daily “Compass” itineraries are delivered at night to the door of each child and teen, highlighting the next day’s events and activities.

Many cruise lines cater to family vacationers, however, there are some restrictions. Some ships also have better facilities than others. Your CruiseShipCenters Consultant can help you plan the right cruise for your family.
What about the night life?

At night, life aboard a cruise ship really turns on. There’s dancing, live entertainment, discos and lounges, feature films, and parties with all your new friends. Most ships even have casinos. There are special events like the Captain’s Cocktail Party, Passenger Talent Night, the Masquerade Parade, and the Late Night Buffet (for that one last bite to tide you over ’til breakfast). And the night can go on as long as you want. Even until the spectacle of sunrise at sea.
What should I pack?

Pack like you would for any resort. Cruise vacations are casual by day, whether you’re on the ship or on shore. In the evening, ships vary as to dress. Much like on shore, attire is dictated by occasion. At the Captain’s Gala, for example, you’ll probably want to wear something more formal, such as a dark suit, cocktail dress, a dinner jacket, or a gown.
Will I need a tuxedo?

On some cruises, formal dinners or parties are part of the fun. But you don’t need to rent a tuxedo just for the trip. Even on the most formal ships, a dark suit and tie are fine for the dressiest occasions.

What about tipping?

Tipping is a matter of individual preference. Most cruise lines include a tipping guideline in your stateroom. A general standard is to plan for about $2.50 to $3.00 per person, per day for your room steward and dining room waiter and about half that amount for your busboy. Some cruise lines include tipping/gratuities in the price. Other ship personnel can be tipped for special services at your discretion


Cruising for Less Money!

By Barry Vaudrin
In today’s economy most people seek out the best possible deals to save money, and receive the best value. One of the miss-conceptions of cruising is that it’s too expensive, however; when you make a chart that compares a land-based vacation verses a cruise vacation, you’ll see that the best value is a cruise. Think of the tips in this article as GOLD, because I’m about to give you some nuggets of information that could save you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars when you plan your next cruise vacation.

The very first tip is to contact a travel agent that exclusively books cruises. Too often, I have had people tell me they booked their cruise directly with the cruise line, because they think they are cutting out the “middle-man” and saving money….these poor people think they’re getting a great deal, when in fact they could get more bang for their buck if they go through a well-established cruise-only travel business. Let me break this down so it’s easy to understand. The cruise line will certainly sell you a stateroom on a cruise of your choice and you might fall for the illusion that this is the right choice to save money. If you choose any cruise-only agency, you might find that they offer the same pricing that was quoted to you by contacting the cruise line directly, but here is the catch. The cruise–only travel agency is given special perks based on the volume they sell with any particular cruise line, so they are often able to offer something over and above the quoted cruise price. When you book through a travel agency, you will not pay any extra fees, you’ll get the best rate offered by the cruise line, but more importantly, you may be able to get special upgrades, discounts, onboard-credits, and extra amenities the cruise line only offers their top-producing travel agencies. The cost of the cruise might be the same, but when you book through a cruise-only agency, you may be able to receive discounts and amenities only offered to top producing agencies….that’s money in your pocket!

There are a few other ways to save money when you plan your next cruise vacation. If you’re flexible with the dates of your vacation, ask your cruise-only agency if there are any re-positioning cruises you can book into. These re-positioning cruises are often discounted at very appealing rates.

Ask your cruise-only agent if you can get a “guaranteed” category stateroom. A “guaranteed” stateroom means that you pay for a specific category, but because it’s a “guaranteed” booking, you could get that particular category or better based on availability. It’s like rolling the dice, but the chances you are upgraded to a higher category are pretty good.

Enroll in a cruise line’s loyalty program. When you enroll into a cruise line’s loyalty program you can often receive discounts and upgrades only offered to those enrolled in the cruise line’s loyalty plan.

If you plan you plan your cruise around an off-season cruise itinerary, you may be able to save money. Peek cruise dates are usually Christmas and New Years cruises. These cruises often add a supplemental fee, so be aware of this fact. Christmas and New Years cruises almost always sell out, so there are rarely any discounts to be found during these cruise dates. What’s interesting is that the cruise before Christmas and after New Years is often discounted.

If you implement some of these ideas when booking your next cruise, you will save money and get the best possible bang for your bucks!

Barry Vaudrin is the Host of Cruising Authority, a popular cruise-related talk show about the cruise industry. Journey to the ancient country of China as Barry investigates the incredible experience that is offered by Viking River Cruises on the Yangtze River. Watch as your Host, The Cruise Journalist, visits Beijing, the Terra Cotta Army, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and so much more:

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Packing Tips!!

by Cruise Journalist, Barry Vaudrin
Cruise like a pro, not the usual tourist, by using the following packing tips.

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or you’re going on your first cruise, there are some unique things to pack so that you have the best possible cruise experience, and you’re prepared for nearly anything during your vacation. The last thing you want to do is be unprepared for your vacation.

1. Avoid packing all your luggage the night before.
Try not to scramble late into the night before your departure trying to pack. Plan ahead a few days and make a general list of things you may want to bring, including: clothing, camera gear, batteries, extra memory cards for your camera, hats, medications, bathing suits, etc. Wash your clothes and start to pack perhaps two nights prior to your departure, because if you wait till the last minute, the night before, you may not get the sleep you need for the rigors of traveling the next day.

2. Get plenty of sleep the night before your departure.
If you wait to pack the night before your departure, you may find yourself packing late into the night as you try not to forget to pack certain items. It’s not uncommon to board early morning flights to get to your cruise port, and the hustle and bustle of travel can truly wear you out, particularly if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. When you board the ship for the first time, it’s a very exciting moment, you may have somewhat of an adrenaline rush, but your body can only take so much before you collapse out of sheer exhaustion.

3. Consider buying Space Bags
You’ve probably seen them advertised on television. These Space Bags are truly a handy way to pack your luggage efficiently. Basically you put your shirts, pants, underwear, socks in their separate Space Bag, and roll out the air, which ultimately allows you to pack more items in your luggage with extra room to spare. Also, if your luggage, by some crazy accident, gets dropped in water, your clothes won’t get wet.

4. Don’t pack too much stuff
Travelers often pack way too much stuff into their luggage and overestimate how much clothes and stuff you’ll need on your cruise. Additionally, you’re going to want to leave some space in your luggage, prior to your cruise, because it never fails that dirty clothes, bathing suites, souvenirs, will cause your luggage to be over-stuffed on your return home.

5. Consider using or
A great new trend is to offer travelers a break from lugging their heavy luggage to and from the airport and spending time in baggage-claim. These companies will pick up your luggage at your home or office several days prior to your cruise departure. These companies will deliver your luggage directly to your ship or hotel, so you don’t have to battle dragging your heavy luggage around. It’s a great service, where you hand-over your luggage to a courier and the next time you see your luggage is in front of your stateroom on the ship. Check them out and you’ll see that the pricing is reasonable and it will give you a peace of mind knowing that the airline won’t lose your luggage.

6. Purchase luggage with four wheels
More and more travelers are discovering luggage with four wheels. It is such a convenient, and great way to move your luggage around when you have four wheels on the bottom of your luggage. You may also want to consider luggage with hardened sides to protect the contents in your luggage. An excellent brand to consider is Victorinox; they make excellent luggage pieces.

7. Mark your luggage so you can easily identify your bags
Today, it is surprising how many people have similar or identical luggage and it can be confusing sometimes in baggage-claim trying to identify your luggage. The simplest way to mark your luggage is to tie a colorful cloth to the handle, so you can quickly identify which bag is yours at the pier or in baggage-claim.

8. Pack heavier items at the bottom of your luggage
While you are packing, place heavier items on the bottom when the bag is upright. Place certain items inside the shoes you pack in your luggage so you are efficiently using every possible space in your luggage.

9. Place electronic items or cords inside zip-lock bags
Zip-lock bags are a great way to organize, protect, and store certain loose items, cords, and electronics. You may also want to bring a couple large zip-lock bags to put some of your dirty / smelly clothes, and wet swim suits. This way you will protect the rest of your luggage contents from smelly or wet items.

10. A few unique items to pack
A highlighter marker would be very helpful to mark up your daily program that is delivered every day to your stateroom. With this marker, you can highlight the activities you want to go to. An extension cord and possibly a power-strip to plug in and charge all your electronic items, can be very useful. Most cruise ship staterooms have only a couple electric outlets. Earplugs might be helpful too if you are a light sleeper. The movement of the ship can sometimes generate sounds you may not be use to, like drawers or doors bumping due to the movement of the ship. Your neighbors or people in the corridors might make more noise than you prefer, so it’s good to be prepared just in-case.
With these packing tips you’ll be cruising like a professional!
Barry Vaudrin is the Host of Cruising Authority, a talk show using multimedia venues like audio podcasts, videos, photography, blogs and written articles. Check out one of Barry’s favorite cruise experiences aboard the world-famous Queen Mary 2 during a trans-Atlantic crossing.

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Cruise to Alaska – Now is the Time to Go!!

Do You Dream of Going to Alaska?

Alaska & Midnight Sun

“There are things that are done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold. The Arctic trails have their tales that would make your blood run cold”….Robert Service

Maybe not the “last frontier” but a land of history, mystery, adventure, and fun.

“How does one get to Alaska?”
I have been asked. Many want to go by train. But the train doesn’t go north and south from Canada to Alaska. It does run from Whittier to Fairbanks, east and west. So, what are our options?

Go to Alaska by Cruise Lines
There are a number of large ships and a few smaller ships that go from San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver, BC. Let’s talk about each of these:

Go To Alaska from Seattle
Many ships are now doing this route round trip to the Glaciers and back in 7 nights. Because of the old Jones Act, they have to make a stop in a foreign port – usually Victoria or Prince Rupert, Canada-for a few hours the last night. These ships must go at least one direction outside the Passage. The water can be rough and you miss the most beautiful part of the trip.

From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
7 nights to the Glaciers and back. The most ideal because you get the inside passage. This route has very narrow channels with majestic mountains. You just watch for hours as the ship winds it’s way past small villages, sometimes dolphins and often whales.

From Vancouver, BC to Seward or Whittier, Alaska or reverse for 7 nights and fly one way. This way you get more glaciers, plus you can add on a land tour to Denali Park or even on up to Fairbanks before or after the cruise. This is the most ideal especially if you will only go once in your lifetime, which is doubtful. Once you see this magnificent place, you will want to go back.

Then there are some small ship companies doing cruises out of Juneau, Alaska. This is a wonderful way to get up close with nature. No big ship amenities, no dress codes. Only amazing sites along the way.

Call me to help you on your way to an amazing adventure.

Necessary Travel Packing Tips.

Going on holiday is exciting, but arranging a vacation can be a worry. Reservations, cash, flight tickets, and plenty of other things can make anybody start to feel completely overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are 1 or 2 tried-and-true travel packing tips for keeping things straightforward as you get ready for your trip.

Roll your garments.

In this age of traveling gently and transparently, preserving space is the name of the game. If you fold your attire, they have an inclination to take up too much room in your case. Instead, roll your garments and fit a load more items into the same quantity of space.

Divide your property.

If you keep your wallet, keys, passport, and cell telephone in your purse or travel bag, then you’ll be in an unpleasant position if that bag goes missing or ends up stolen.

A simpler way to carry property is to split them into different bags, particularly fiscal items. if something similar to your cash card is lost, you’ve got a backup Visa card in another bag to use for the period of your trip. This one is maybe one of the most important travel packing tips. You are going on holiday to chill, not to have to continually think about your money affairs and crucial documents!

Use travel-sized toiletries.

Airlines no longer permit you to carry liquids which contain more than three oz. To avoid having your shampoo commandeered pointlessly, stock up on travel-sized toiletries for your trip. Even better, you might skip packing toiletries altogether and buy travel-sized versions when you get where you are going. Axe the hairdryer and the iron. Hairdryers and irons take up valuable case real-estate. To save this room for other items, leave them out altogether. Nearly all hostels already have them waiting in the room for you to use.

Heaviest on the bottom.

If you pack heavy things like your bag of toiletries on top, you risk smashing all your garments beneath while you are rolling the bag thru the airport. Instead, pack your heavy things on the bottom so everything stays in its right location.

Don’t pack what you will not use.

This rule is self-explanatory. don’t packcopy outfits or 3 different pairs of shoes if you simply need one. You must review everything once you have packed it, and if you don’t need it, leave it at home.

There’s no need to sweat about packing to go out of the city. You may have a chilled holiday with minimum bother if you pack in the right way. Following these easy travel packing pointers may help you concentrate on what is important : having a wonderful time on your trip.

Find out more on – packing tips

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Last Minute Travel Tips

Article by Eoin Evans

Spontaneity, surprise and getting some exceptional values for your holiday jaunt are just some of the benefits of being able to travel on the spur of the moment. There are a few tips to remember even though the concept of “last minute” indicates some lack of planning is involved. Here are 5 good last minute travel tips to keep in mind, even though not all occur at the fun last minute.

1 – Watch for package deals or special events where you may find last minute hotels at discount prices. You can visit during prime times and save money booking at hotels website. If you prefer less action there are great deals to be had at time periods adjacent to events.

2- Always pay with a credit card and keep copies of any correspondence and emails. Keep credit cards and important documents on your person in a location protected from pickpockets.

3 – Keep your luggage light and as soon as you return from one trip get your bag ready for the next opportunity. Know where your passport is at all times. Keep photocopy lists of important numbers, credit card accounts, contact information and other important things you need to take with you in the bag or quickly available 24/7 for when you are ready to sneak off on your last minute journey.

4 – Know where not to go and destination area laws. This also requires a bit of pre-planning prior to your instant getaway holiday. Unfortunately today there are some places in the world where it is unsafe for tourists to go. In the rush to obtain a last minute hotel or flight you do not want to book to a hotbed of terrorist activity.

5 -Create a list of last minute travel resources, such as “> hotels website and other travel related websites. Use some spare time at home to set up this list. When you are ready to make your quick last minute hotel reservation or other travel arrangements just consult your research list and go make your last minute reservations. One good list with hotels, airfare discount websites, attractions you are interested in and so forth will save you a lot of time. You can enjoy your armchair travel in advance and when you are ready to fly, all you need is a few minutes to pull up your favourite resources for travel discounts.

Eoin has written for many publications in his native south Wales and further afield. He currently lives in London’s trendy Docklands with his partner. Both are regular faces in West End theatre audiences.
 – Travel can be expensive, and last-minute travel is even worse! If you’ve ever had to do this, you know it can be a major pain in the pocketbook.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Bali travelling tips for Travelers


Bali travelling tips for TravelersKeyword: Bali Shangri-la, prodigious scenery, Indonesian archipelagic, luxuriousness Bali hotels, Bali vacation, holiday, holiday Resort.

Oceania World Travel is your source for expert advice on package tours, Bali Travel, and all inclusive vacation packages. While tour package offers the most well known all-inclusive vacations, there are many other options for package tours or all-inclusive vacations from other excellent companies. Oceania World Travel also plans and leads our own special tours, which offer exceptional values. Our famous get word Flores is one of our best values.

Browse through any of the well-known Online Reservation and you are sure to find Bali, Indonesia, listed among the top 10 travel destinations in the world.

With its exotics blend of antediluvian patriarch, prodigious scenery, and the warmth of the tropical oceans surrounding of our Flores Promised Land, it is hardly surprising.Bali is located in the Indonesian archipelagic only eight degrees south of the Equator. The island measures 90 kilometers from north to south and 140 kilometers from east to west, making it easy to go out for a pleasure trip anywhere in Bali and return to your hotel by nightfall.

Towering volcanic peaks that rise mystery story through the clouds, terraced rice paddies carved into the mountainous landscape painting, iridescent crater lakes, lush tropical rain forests and sandy white beaches lapped by warm ocean currents are only a few of the curiosity that draw millions of visitors to this tiny island each year.

Bali travelling tips for First Time Travelers

Let us look at some unworthy travel tips to help you be intimate the best of Promised Land has to offer:

1. Bali’s tropical weather means that travel at any time of the year is suitable, however its best to check when the major Indonesian holiday periods and religious ceremonies occur to avoid the influx of domestic tourists.

2. Bali accommodation offers superb value, particularly if you are travelling on a budget. To ensure you get the best value for money, book ahead.

3. Getting around in Bali can be quite an get word, to say the least! Road rules are nonexistent and traffic can be downright dangerous. Do not assume that traffic will stop for you at a pedestrian crossing if you are on foot. If you are driving, the best piece of advice is to paraphrase a famous saying, “When in Bali, drive like the Balinese.”

4. Many of the luxuriousness Bali hotels and villas will organize a driver for you, or you may choose to hire a bicycle if you do not have far to travel.

5. As a tourist, you are bound to be hassled by local drivers shouting “Transport?” wherever you go. If you wish to hire a local driver, make sure he is clear about where you want to go and arrange a fixed price before you get in the car. Drivers are keen to barter with you, so it is customary to bargain until you get a price you are painful with.

6. And while we are on the subject of bartering, it is perfectly acceptable to barter in the local markets and stalls, but do not try it in the larger department stores – the sales assistant may be quite offended.

7. Hawkers will descend on you from the moment you step outside your hotel, particularly if you are located in one of the major tourist areas. Although it may seem rude to you, the best advice is to ignore them altogether. Don’t make eye contact or slow down to look at the merchandise they are selling unless you are interested in purchasing something, or being distracted for what may seem an eternity trying to get rid of them.

8. Bear in mind counterfeit goods unless that is what you are looking for. Bali is well known for its knock-offs and you can buy anything from memento at the local markets.

9. It is likely you may be offered illicit drugs in the highly populated tourist spots. Ecstasy, pot, Yabba, and shabu- shabu are the most popular drugs on offer in nightclubs and on the beaches, particularly in the Kura area.If you do not want to become another high-profile drug case, simply ignore the offers.

10. Bali locals are among the friendliest and relaxed people you will find anywhere in the world, but that does not mean you can drop your guard when it comes to scams and rip-offs.

Be wary of moneychangers who offer you amazingly good rates for exchanging foreign currency, touts who offer you the cheapest ride to your destination without confirming a fixed price and anyone who wants the money before handing over the goods.

11. And perhaps the best tip for new travelers to Bali is the one that is bound to be least successful — doesn’t look like a tourist!This sage piece of advice is written almost tongue-in-cheek because the diminutive, friendly Balinese bear no resemblance whatsoever to their much larger framed Western neighbors. Not only that, our cultures are vastly different and so is our language. The most you could possibly hope for is to look like an ex-pat from your native country that has chosen to live an idyllic lifestyle on the island.However, a couple of words of Bahasa will help with that “Oh, I’ve lived here for years” attitude. Selamat Pagi (good morning), Tolong (please) and Terima Kasih (thank you) will take you a long way in East-West relations.

Looking for luxurious Bali Hotels or Indonesia tours? Then find Bali hotel accommodation, other tourism resources, and Bali island tours with Bali Dream Tours. Make online bookings for hotels and villas in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Turban, Seminyak, Ubud, Kuta, Sanur, and other areas of Bali by visiting Bali Hotels.

Oceania World Travel is your source for expert advice on package tours, Bali Travel, and all inclusive vacation packages. While tour package offers the most well known all-inclusive vacations, there are many other options for package tours or all-inclusive vacations from other excellent companies. Oceania World Travel also plans and leads our own special tours, which offer exceptional values. Our famous get word Flores is one of our best values.

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Hawaii Travel Tips: Visiting A Tropical Paradise

Article by Darlene Berkel

Ever wondered why Hawaii always makes it into the lists of “top ten” vacation destinations? Actually, once you consider the facts, it’s not hard to understand why Hawaii is on the list of top ten vacation destinations. For one thing, this chain of islands in the Pacific features some beautiful beaches, stunning volcanoes, and clear oceans, as well as a cheerful atmosphere and some friendly, hospitable people.

There is an important added attraction which Hawaii offers. It is conveniently located in the United States. This is good news for those concerned with travel safety since it means that travel to and within Hawaii is often considered more secure. Nevertheless, it is still wise to consider several Hawaii travel tips that will make your Hawaii vacation even better and safer!

Packing For Hawaii

The weather in Hawaii is quite mixed, daytime is warm, and requires light clothing, shorts, swim wear, and light t-shirts, while evenings tend to be cooler. You should consider strategically packing clothes which can be worn in layers. By doing this you will be able to warm up, or cool down, as needed.

Bear in mind that if you are visiting places such as the Haleakala National Park in Maui, or the Volcanoes National Park on the island Hawaii, sturdy shoes are a must. You should also dress appropriately for the cooler weather since the parks are at quite a high altitude.

And it goes without saying that you should bring sunscreen and bug spray when traveling to Hawaii, in order to prevent sun damage and diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Staying Safe in Hawaii

As with any popular tourist destination, remember not to leave your luggage unattended or store anything very valuable in the hotel safe, and do not carry large amounts of cash with you, as this may put you at risk of being targeted by pickpockets.

What about the Weather?

Hawaii is a tropical island, and like many other tropical areas, frequent natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and windstorms, are common in the area. This is no need for concern or anxiety since the weather is always monitored closely. However, if a Civil Defense Warning is issued, you should monitor the radio and television closely, and follow travel tips and instructions provided by the Hawaii officials.

Enjoy Your Stay

A trip to Hawaii is guaranteed to be a memorable one. The sights are amazing and the atmosphere is something you will remember for a long time. If you pack for the location, and follow some basic safety advice, you will be sure to have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

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