How to Book Cruises Cheap

Article by Ryan Sutton

At some point we all fantasize about taking a cruise, though for many of us the price tag associated with it closes the door on that fantasy. I don’t believe anyone should miss out on the experience, so I’ve compiled a list of ways to help you book cruises cheap and turn your fantasy into a reality!

The first way to book cruises cheap is to cruise in the off season. Typically summer and holidays are prime cruising times and the price tag for these months reflects that. Sailing in the winter months is a much better option financially however; you do have to take a few things into consideration. You may find cruises cheap during this time, but you will also find unpredictable weather. Don’t be too quick to let that dissuade you though, as many people love cruising during the winter months.

The second method to finding cruises cheap comes down to timing. Some cruises lower rates if they have unsold rooms within 90 days of the sail date. On the flip side some cruises offer lower rates if you book a year or more in advance. Use this knowledge to your advantage. If you want to cruise now, use the 90 day rates. If you know it will be a while before you can go, then book a year or more in advance. Do not attempt to wait until the last minute though if you have your heart set on a specific cruise or you may miss out. If you absolutely have your heart set on a cruise that is 4 months away and during a prime cruising month, you should book as soon as possible. If you wait until the 90 day mark you may be disappointed to find your cruise is fully booked. Only use the 90 day option if you’re looking for any cruises cheap and not a specific one unless that specific one is already in that time frame.

The third way to find cruises cheap is to utilize a travel agent. Not only can they find cruises cheap, they can find you additional bonuses like free stateroom upgrades or on board credit. If using this option be sure you choose a reputable travel agent though. This is especially true of booking online, as there are many scammers out there today.

My final suggestion for finding cruises cheap is to consider taking a lesser stateroom and hoping for a free upgrade. When we took our first cruise we wanted an ocean view stateroom so that we had a window to look out of. Money was tight at that time, and we really didn’t want to pay the extra for it so we just went with an inside stateroom. When they assigned our room they gave us a free upgrade to a porthole room, so we got the window we wanted after all without having to pay for it. A word of caution when using this method though, it doesn’t always work. So you have to be sure that you’re truly going to be happy with the lesser room you settled for just in case you don’t receive the upgrade. Otherwise you may find cruises cheap and unpleasant!

Ryan Sutton is a cruise enthusiast and founder of the Cruise News Network. Visit his personal blog for more information on cruising.

Established in 2008, PTY LTD (Formerly http PTY LTD T/A (ACN 135 135 750 and NT T/A Lic 158) is a online cruise reservation website and specialist distributor of cruise cabin inventory over the internet.
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Disney Cruise For The Whole Family

Article by Like Cruises

Disney is a name long associated with light hearted, family entertainment. The Disney Cruise is an extension of the fantasy and fun that’s part of the Disney theme parks. What started as a family cruise program has become a vacation option for all ages from families to couples to honeymooners.

The two Disney ships are decorated with a nod to old world cruise elegance and a wink to the Disney icons. You must stay on the lookout for those “hidden Mickeys” the famous mouse outline that peeks out from unexpected places like wallpaper or the swirls of fine china.

The ship’s atrium is massive and provides a great meeting place for families and groups on the way to the next activity. One complaint that families often have about cruise travel is the need to walk through the smelly casinos to get to other public areas of the ship.

Disney Cruise Lines have the distinction of no casinos onboard, just wholesome entertainment so you can allow your older children and teens free access around the ship. Another distinctive that families appreciate is the “Soda Card” which lets any passenger receive unlimited sodas at the restaurants or the poolside beverage stands.

If you’ve never cruised before, on most ships you had to order a simple diet soda from the bar and pay bar tab prices for a soft drink. This popular feature – the soda card – is being copied by other ships.

Another great benefit on Disney cruises is the unusually generous cabin sizes. Knowing that the ships would attract families, Disney Cruise Lines have family cabins to hold six with a bath and a half.

Over 40% of the outside cabins have open balconies. Bathtub, mini-bar, safe and hair dryers are standard equipment in all cabins. As nice as the cabins are, why stay inside where there are so many fantastic shipboard activities?

The Disney Children’s programs are well organized, creative and clearly a step above the usual shipboard babysitting. Childcare begins for infants and toddlers. The Oceaneers (ages 3-7) have hands-on science games, Oceaneer Labs (ages 8-12) have marine biology game shows and the Teens enjoy a private club with video games, MP3 stations and soda bar.

These are free with only a charge for babysitting after 1 A.M. So where are the parents? They escape to a Broadway style theatre, elegant reservations-only restaurant, spa, sports pub, piano bar or the dance club.

Everyone looks forward to the day at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Since all children are automatically enrolled in the Castaway Club for supervised activities on the island, the adults can slip away to an adults-only beach or spend the day with the kids at the family beach with games and activities.

What’s a Disney vacation without a theme park? Not to worry. Cruise guests get special land-sea packages so after docking at Cape Canaveral, they are whisked away to Disneyworld in Orlando for the full theme park experience. This vacation is really the best of both worlds.

Enjoy a wonderful trip with the whole family with carnival conquest cheap cruises or cheap Alaskan cruises.

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Considering A Wedding On A Cruise Ship

Article by Steve Knowles

A wedding cruise is for those couples who want to do something completely different to the usual wedding theme, enter the wedding cruise. Nothing against a traditional church wedding but as in everything there should be choice. Couples who would be considering a wedding cruise would be looking for something different to differentiate their special day. Keeping this romantic notion in mind and also keeping your mind clear and focused is only the beginning. All weddings take a lot of planning and a wedding cruise is no exception, in fact it adds more things that are needed to organize. You need to be aware of a few benefits and detractions.

The Benefits

A wedding cruise guarantees a certain amount of excitement, as if you need to increase that. You will have a captive audience. Cruise ships do have a chapel as part of it’s layout although it would probably not be large enough to accept the entire wedding cruise party. You can choose the wedding cruise route depending on the shipping company product. If you want to cruise the tropics or cuise the northern hemisphere it is up to you. Some couples would not mind in fact they would welcome the opportunity to share their honeymoon with close family and friends. The actual ceremony can be carried out onshore under the shade of a palm tree or in the parklands with a vista of mountains as your backdrop.

The Detractions

A wedding cruise is not suitable for everyone, a wedding is an expensive proposition on it’s own, throw in the added cost of the wedding cruise and you will have a very large bill heading your way. Planning considerations of a wedding cruise are very complicated, for instance, visas and passports may be required, the numbers of guests will be reduced due to cost which may alienate some possible invitees. A wedding cruise will mean guests will have to take time off work, and not to forget the children of the guests will they onboard or will child minding be required.

An alternative to people missing out on the wedding cruise could be an after cruise ceremony so everyone feels part of the celebrations. Putting aside plenty of time to plan this type of wedding is necessary as it will take lots of foresight and patience. But if the couple are willing to work diligently to make this wedding cruise a reality it will certainly be a memorable experience.

For further helpful advice and information visit our wedding cruise web site

Island Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

Article by Rafi Michael

A wedding on a tropical island invokes images of sand, surf, and rolling waves. A gentle breeze and shimmering sunshine the bride who awaits her island wedding, in her beautiful island wedding dress.

Island wedding dress fabricsIsland wedding dresses are more an idea or a feeling than style per se. several aspects must be respected for the bride to feel comfortable at the beach during an island wedding. One of these is the trade winds, which are breezy and light. To be capable of using these trade winds in a bride’s favor, fabrics that are light weight are best, such as georgette, linen, charmeuse, gauze, satin, cotton, silk, and chiffon. The advantage to these fabrics is their easy mobility; to limit the amount of sticking or clinging a fabric may have against a bride’s skin, in the hot weather.

This means the bride’s wedding dress will have to be packed, therefore a dress that irons well or less likely to crease is a safe bet. In keeping with an island wedding theme, sarongs, tea length dresses, or short wedding dresses lend themselves really well. A train that is extended is not advisable when the wedding location is outdoors, but a shorter version is acceptable.

Colored Island wedding dress or colored detailingTropical island statements are made by colored wedding dresses, as opposed to the more conventional white or ivory, which are still very good color choices for island wedding dresses. Color adds character and island charm is infused into the ceremony, and as such any color can work well with an island setting wedding. For those brides who prefer otherwise, a few details of the wedding details can be in color, such as appliqus, embroidery, some piping, or sash, can be in color. This finer detailing will hint at color, without overwhelming the senses.

As a tribute to the stunningly beautiful nature of island weddings, quite a number of the well respected designers in the wedding dress industry have entire lines of island wedding dresses. The style of dress can range from spaghetti straps, strapless, and halter necks, to A-line, empire waist, cut out low back, and full skirts.

Island wedding dress accessoriesIsland wedding dresses have to be paired with the appropriate footwear, as traditional pumps are not practical in sand. As a consequence, sandals, which are elegant and simple, will work well with wedding gowns. One strap sandals are particularly recommended. Flip-flops, adorned with flowers that are hand painted, jewels, or shells are a popular choice of island wedding dress footwear, as are barefoot sandals. These are jewelry that embellishes the top of a bride’s feet, at the same time leave the soles of her feet bare. Adornments may include flowers, rhinestones, and pearls.

Jewelry should be kept simple, as a simple rule. A lone gold chain, pearl earrings, is normally adequate. Fans, be they of straw or white elegant paper, can also adorn an island wedding bride, as well as parasols can. Brides retain a feminine look with parasols draped off the shoulders. A hair ornament will add romance to any island wedding, with a tiara, jeweled comb, or flowers completing the ensemble.

Wedding dresses If you are looking for a wedding dress to make a memorable appearance for your wedding, you found us. We specialize in offering wedding dresses from the trendiest designers abroad and we offer them at an affordable price. for more info vist:
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Choosing The Right Cruise Line For Your Travel

Article by chickie maxwell

People usually think of a vacation as an opportunity to get away from it all. Typical vacation options often include visiting popular tourist attractions, going camping or staying in a resort, traveling around the country or to a foreign destination, or choosing a seasonal location, such as an oceanfront cottage or a ski resort.

How about something different, such as planning a cruise vacation? A cruise probably offers one of the best ways to truly get away! Many cruise lines offer attractive vacation packages to appealing destinations. The beauty of a cruise is you have all the amenities in one central place. Your cruise package is often all-inclusive and an itinerary offers you the opportunity to choose from among many intriguing planned activities and excursions. A frequent perception about cruises is the leisurely pace and relaxation offered. In fact, you can decide exactly how active you want to be – or not!

Cruise Lines: Basic Information

About a dozen major cruise lines offer you a variety of destinations and ports of call, as well as a range of features and prices.? The primary goal of each cruise line is to provide passengers with the vacation of a lifetime, that fits their preferences. You may choose from such established cruise lines as Azamara, Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Costa, Cunard, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line, MSC?Cruises, Norwegian Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Silversea. Each cruise line has its own signature appearance, agenda, and amenities that contribute to its reputation for excellence.

Cruise Lines:?Features

Even though each specific cruise line has its trademark characteristics and amenities, most cruise lines have certain standard features from which to choose: ? Public rooms: Bars and lounges; internet center; library. ? Spas & wellness: Beauty salon; full service spa, sauna or steam room; health and nutrition, and/or fitness evaluation/s; exercise instruction such as Pilates and yoga. ? Entertainment: card room and/or game room; casino or nightclub; movies; video games or arcade. ? Activities and sports: fitness center or gym; jogging track; outdoor pool; rock climbing; sports court; water sports. ? Additional amenities/services: business services center; concierge desk; dry cleaning and laundry, or self-service laundry; duty-free boutiques and shops; infirmary/medical center; safe deposit boxes. ? Accessibility for physical and/or special needs: auditory and visual assistance; wheelchair accommodations and accessibility; pool lift; oxygen.

Some cruise lines cater to families with children and teens, by offering age-appropriate activities and amenities.

Most cruise lines have dress codes for participation in specific activities, so prospective passengers should be sure to peruse their itineraries to ensure they bring the appropriate wardrobe.

Cruise Lines: Destinations

Certain destinations are popular and included by multiple cruises. You may desire a tropical destination in Bermuda or the Caribbean, or the glacial waters around Alaska or Antarctica, or a safari adventure to Africa. Chances are you will be able to choose the best cruise package to fit your needs.

These are six of the most popular among about two dozen common destinations and ports of calls offered by various cruise lines, given here in alphabetical order:

? Alaska ? Bahamas ? Caribbean ? Europe ? Hawaii ? Mexico

Other destinations vary from Africa, Australia, and Bermuda, to the Mediterranean and the South Pacific.

Cruise Lines: Budget Classes

Cruises can vary from two days/nights, to a week or more. Prices can also range from under $ 200 per person, into thousands of dollars, depending on the rooms, cruise packages, and cruise lines selected. The price typically includes your basic accommodations, meals, use of facilities,? and onboard activities and entertainment. It is important to determine what is covered, and what is not, when you book your cruise.

Some cruise lines charge additional fees for port taxes, gratuities, and certain supplementary services, while others are truly all-inclusive. In these cases, you may only need to bring extra cash for spending money and shore excursions!

Budget class cruises, as the name implies, offer the basics in no frills cruise packages. These cruises typically attract single individuals, young couples, and families who must watch their budgets while enjoying affordable vacations. Some characteristics of budget class cruises include the following:

? Older, smaller cruise ships. ? Average level of service, attention, food, and activities. ? Fewer, and less exotic, destination choices. ? Shorter cruises, smaller cabins, and less overall space onboard.?You know you want to – make plans now to contact various cruise lines to gather information about cruise packages. Regardless of your age or stage of life, make your next vacation a cruise to the destination of your dreams.

Plan Your Cruise Travel Today!


Carnival Magic Virtual Tour - Carnival Cruise Lines – Take a virtual tour of the brand new Carnival Magic arriving May 2011. After sailing Europe she will sail the Caribbean from her homeport of Galveston, Texas. For more images and videos visit
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Your Dream Wedding At the Disney World Resort in Florida

Article by Todd Blay

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. It not only marks the beginning of happily-ever-after, but also celebrates a couple’s commitment to each other. Consider a Disney wedding at Disneyland in Anaheim, California or Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, if you want to make your day a most memorable one. You and your guests will have memories of the day that would last a lifetime, and you can spend one day literally in a fairy tale.

The Walt Disney World Resort has a fantastic selection of wedding packages for you to choose from. Whether you want to have a grand and elaborate wedding or an intimate celebration, you will find a Disney wedding package that suits your needs. You can also choose one that suits your budget, thanks to a diverse price range. Disney Weddings can be held in one of several Disney locations, including Florida, California, and Hawaii, and they can be arranged according to your personal preferences.

The Four Types of Disney Wedding Packages

Disney basically offers four types of wedding packages, such as the Couture Wedding, Escape Wedding, Cruise Wedding, and Wishes Wedding. Choose the Wishes Wedding, if it’s an unique and lavish celebration fit for a prince and princess that you have in mind. It is a flexible wedding package that provides a wide array of options to help you make your special day a dream come true. You will be working with a wedding specialist to realize every detail of your vision, from the location to the theme and even the d?cor. Such an elaborate package comes with a high price, however, so it’s best to be prepared.

If it is an intimate celebration limited to 10 to 18 guests that you have in mind, the Escape Wedding package is something to consider. You get a violinist or organist along with the wedding staples, such as the floral arrangements, wedding cake, and champagne. You also have the choice of having the wedding at choice spots like the Sunset Point in the Polynesian Resort, the Disney Wedding Gazebo, the Sunrise Terrace at Wilderness Lodge, or the Disney Wedding Pavilion.

If you want to have a chic one-of-a-kind wedding celebration, you should go for the Couture Wedding package. To create a truly unique wedding, this package will allow you to work with David Tutera, a renowned celebrity wedding planner. You can plan every detail of your wedding ceremony and reception or simply add a personal touch to one of the four wedding styles that David Tutera had exclusively designed for Disney.

Getting married out at sea or in a tropical paradise doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Disney has a fleet of three cruise ships, namely, the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, and Disney Dream, as well as a private island called Castaway Cay, which all serve as perfect venues for romantic celebrations. You can choose to have your wedding ceremony in an intimate lounge, a pristine beach, or the cruise ship’s deck, if you go for a Disney cruise wedding.

Todd likes to write about Disney World. Please check out his website that contains Tips on Walt Disney World information as well as Disney Weddings information.

October 21, 2011 Justin, a brave hero and soldier in the United States Army – National Guard traveled to the Destin area, right before being deployed, for his destination wedding to the love of his life, the beautiful Mandi! They were married on the beaches of South Walton in Santa Rosa Beach. Their wedding was designed by Xquisite Wedding and reception was held aboard the Solaris of Sunquest Cruises out of Baytowne Marina in the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Cake by Lolos Cakes and Sweets out of Crestview, hair by La Renaissance in Destin, Florida.

A View On Wedding On Cruise Ship

Article by soundarraj

Wedding is the most memorable occasion in anyone?s life. Folks anticipate their marriage ceremony to take place in a peaceful place that presents all of them they wish. A wedding with the blessing of nature around is unquestionably a fantastic one in individuals?s life. People search for wedding locations that depart behind the perfect reminiscences of life. One of the best ones is st.Thomas weddings. It gives a perfect destination that every one type of folks in general choose for their wedding. A mutual bond between two individuals is developed by wedding. When blessed with weddings in st Thomas the gentleness of nature, individuals feel the utmost happiness. Folks for his or her wedding search for cruise ship wedding package. The vacation spot has an excellent background with chirping of birds and sound of waves. These sounds calm the minds of the couple and get them to the settlement for leading a life that’s peaceable and calm. The sandy beach and inexperienced forest attract individuals to a great extent. It seems to be like a marriage in paradise. By organizing occasions in the right method, the wedding on cruise ship is appreciated by all people. The marriage planner and events caused are st.Thomas wedding planner given within the websites. Individuals discover extra pleasure in coming throughout such events of their lifetime. The staff that organizes the events provides individuals particulars on all occasion arrangements and plans. Al type of events are taken up that features wedding ceremony, birthday celebrations, romantic dinners and many more. The superb group handles events for all types of budget. All of the event venues are loved by folks and other people witness the very best of their lifetime by being to these destinations. Special presents are given for army servants. It is easy to get all these. Just signal as much as the website and place your expectations. Individuals can choose their timings, date, venue and extra requirements.

its very usefull..

Enjoy a champagne wedding cruise on board the Summer Breeze Boat, perfect way to cool down and relax after your ceremony. Please visit our website for more information.
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Cruise Weddings, Are They Worth It?

Article by Nancy Landa

If you’re looking for something different from a church wedding, something very romantic and memorable, consider having your wedding on a cruise ship. It is actually quite reasonably priced, and there are many options to choose from.

You may think that having a wedding on a cruise ship would be expensive for your guests to attend, but wait, they don’t have to go on the cruise if you have your ceremony on the ship before it departs! On Carnival Cruise Line ships, for example, up to 50 non-cruise guests can attend your wedding. This gives your guests a nice option to be included in your wedding festivities without bearing the expense of the cruise. Furthermore, those guests that do go on the cruise with you can celebrate with you for the duration of the cruise.

Of course, you’ll still have your private time, but there is absolutely nothing like taking a cruise with people you know and care about. I’m a huge advocate of group cruising. It is so much fun! There are always things to do on the ship, and the ships are large enough to find your own special place, too. You can dance the night away to live music under the stars, go to one of the disco clubs, or take in a show. Food and drink is plentiful, too, so no one will go hungry, no matter what time it is.

The cruise lines supply a wedding coordinator to help you with every detail of your special day. You and your guests will receive priority boarding if your ceremony is on the ship prior to departure. You need to book early, as cruise lines only allow a certain number of wedding groups per cruise. Your wedding coordinator will be assigned to you only after you have booked your cruise.

The other options available to you are weddings at sea, and destination weddings at a port of call. These are a bit more complex to arrange and therefore will take more time to plan, but can be as exquisite as you desire. Not all cruise lines perform at sea weddings, so be sure to check before you set your heart on a particular cruise itinerary or cruise line. At this time, Azamara, Celebrity, and Princess cruise lines are the only ones that perform at sea weddings with the captain of the ship performing the ceremony.

Those guests that join you on the cruise will get a great price too, as they will be booked at group rates which are significantly lower than individual rates. A “group”, for most cruise lines is 10 people, so this accommodates most wedding parties quite well. Though any size group can be accommodated if booked far enough in advance, cruise weddings are ideal for smaller groups.Let me give you an example. I have a client right now that is planning a wedding with approximately 30 guests; just close friends and family. It is a second wedding for both bride and groom, so they didn’t want a huge wedding like they each had before. The wedding ceremony performed by a local wedding Officiant, and an hour and a half reception that includes wedding cake, champagne toast, open bar, and hot and cold hors d’oeuvres will cost them in the neighborhood of $ 2000. That price does not include the cost of the cruise, of course, as that is their honeymoon, but it does include the bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, a two-tier wedding cake, sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries in the couple’s stateroom, wedding music, a photographer, and 2 champagne flutes. Upgrades are available, as well. For this couple, the cruise wedding is ideal, and will be a very memorable experience not only for them, but their guests, as well.

So close your eyes and let your mind create pictures of your cruise wedding. What do you see? If you find yourself smiling while thinking about it, you’re probably on the right track! Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life. It can be everything you ever dreamed of and even more! Consider having your wedding on a cruise ship. You’ll have the time of your life, and so will your guests!

About the Author:Nancy Landa is a well known travel agent in the travel industry. For more information about the cruise weddings and to book your cruise wedding, visit her website at

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Bahamas Wedding Cruises

Article by George Steiner

Wedding cruises are extremely popular instead of a church ceremony. Plenty of

cruise lines offer wedding and honeymoon packages for couples who want to

start their lives together with a bit of romance. Part of the excitement of

planning the wedding is finding the ideal wedding cruise for you.

By far the most popular and talked about wedding cruise package is offered by

the Disney Cruise Line. Think of your choices; a beautiful wedding ceremony

on the sun deck of a ship or one of the eloquent lounges. The party usually

begins with the wedding with the reception following to include the cake

cutting, champaign and festivities. How much does it cost? approximately

$ 1900.

If those options just aren’t romantic enough for you, Disney Wedding Cruises

have another option. What about getting married on a private Bahamas Island,

Disney’s Castaway Cay. With this package, the bride gets transported to

Castaway Cay prior to anyone in the wedding party. The next to be taken to the

island is the groom. The reception follows the wedding, that occurs back on

board. Want to know a secret? The bride and groom actually get married prior

to getting on the ship.

Carnival wedding cruises have different prices depending on the amenities you

choose and the number of guests that come to the ceremony. How much will a

Carnival wedding package cost? For getting married in the Port of Nassau about

$ 1500. Would you like to extend the party on board? Carnival also offers a

“Welcome Aboard” addition raising the price to $ 1600. For a Deluxe Romance

package, the price is over $ 1800. Now if your guest list grows, so does your

bill! For an additional 50 guests, add $ 100.

You may be wondering what is included in the “Welcome Aboard Package”?

Included is a 1 hour reception, hors d’oeuvres, wedding cake and sparkling

wine A photographer is also supplied with the package. The Deluxe Romance

Package for Carnival’s wedding cruises offers these amenities and more.

The wedding cruises offered by Carnival are varied. The ship Carnival Valor

is theme based with literary, historical and artist heroes. A special feature

of this ship is a dance room themed as a disco with full wall video. The only

cruise ship that goes to the Bahamas is the Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines also provides wedding cruises but you must verify

that the cruise offers the wedding package. It has to be a cruise that has

been in the waters of the Bahamas for 24 hours before it arrives in Nassau and

the wedding begins. The Royal Caribbean Cruise wedding packages vary from

$ 1600 – $ 2000.

In terms of awesome honeymoon and wedding packages, Royal Caribbean is 1st

class! Most unusual is that the ceremony really takes place on the island.

Everything can be taken care of through the ship’s wedding coordinator.

It is important to think of the honeymoon part of the wedding cruise as well.

Look for the cruise package that offers you the best views and experiences of

the Bahamas. There are some great wedding/honeymoon cruise packages

available, by choosing carefully you will make your wedding truly memorable.

So, as you can see, there are really many <a>href=”https://carolina-”>Bahamas Wedding Cruises packages

available in the market today. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and it

would take much more room than we have here to compare them fully.

Fortunately, there is a great resource you can use. Click to Bahamas Wedding Cruises for a more complete review to help you select the Bahamas Wedding Cruise that’s best for you.

I went on a Disney cruise to attend the wedding of my friends Michael and Justin. This is Part 1 of our adventures. Part 2: Part 3:

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Why A Cruise Ship Wedding Is Fun For Everyone

Article by Mary Hanna

A cruise ship wedding is an experience you will hold dear forever. Wedding on a cruise ship is unique and fun. Many cruise ships even have wedding chapels designated for cruise ship weddings or vow renewals.

A cruise ship wedding can be more fun than a traditional wedding. All cruise lines have different packages and rules for receptions and number of guests. The internet and your travel agent should have all the information about a wedding on a cruise ship for any particular cruise line. Not all the captains are licensed to marry you, but many lines will have a priest or rabbi or some other officiate that may provide these ceremonies. If you considering a cruise ship wedding, plan early so you won’t be disappointed. Lots of cruise ships limit the number of ceremonies per cruise. Some of the Cruise Lines that offer cruise ship weddings are discussed below.

Princess Cruises has a wedding chapel where they perform the cruise ship weddings. The Grand Princess and her sister ships all have wedding chapels. Here the Captain is able to perform the ceremony. Wedding options start at $ 1400.00 per couple with receptions around $ 70-$ 80.00 per head. There will be hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, drinks and an official marriage certificate, a cake and music. The ships photographer is available and the ships florist can design any arrangements that you have in mind. You can check out their packages on line. Click on the On Board link and then the wedding/special occasions link to get information on weddings on a cruise ship. They even supply you with a phone number for a wedding consultant. The Hearts and Minds Chapel is quite quaint and perfect for a wedding on a cruise ship.

A more upscale option is Crystal Cruise who will perform ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals or anniversaries. Your cruise ship wedding will be performed by the captain or a member of the clergy and includes Champagne, a Portrait, and a cake. They also have a Honeymoon Package with a cake, champagne, a picture and a certificate signed by the captain. I would discuss this one with your agent but of course you could check out their website.

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas has a wedding chapel and performs cruise ship weddings on the day of embarkation. Their wedding packages start at $ 800.00. They include flowers for bride and groom, a photo session, champagne and a cake. Go to their website to check out their options.

Carnival Cruises has shore side packages that are all inclusive. There will be a toast with keepsake flutes, a photograph, the wedding cake topper and an engraved announcement. You can also customize any extras for a fee. Talk to your travel agent, or, if you want to do some research on your own, go to the Carnival website.

After your cruise ship wedding take tons of pictures. Especially today with digital cameras, this helps to keep the cost of film and the film development down. Be sure to bring a lot of memory cards. Save stubs from tours you have taken, the invitation to the Captains Table for dinner, any notes you receive from the officers, the brochure that lists the itinerary, the dates of each port of call. You can make many beautiful well documented photo albums that will bring lots of smiles and many fond memories. It is highly recommend building a scrapbook from your trip; you will love it later when you pull it out and relive the experiences. It takes some time but is so worth it to have these pictures after your cruise ship wedding. On our honeymoon aboard the Volendam at the end of the cruise they supplied us with a beautiful menu from each dinner. On one side was the menu and on the other a beautiful scene from Holland.

All ships have a Newlyweds game. Go to it. It’s fun and hopefully, you’ll only be a newlywed once. Participate in all the activities, they are a little bit corny but they do make you laugh. Let everyone know you’ve just been had your cruise ship wedding, people love that. You might even get a few free drinks.

Honeymooning on a ship is a great way to kick back and relax after that year of stressful planning for the cruise ship wedding. It is now time to enjoy you and your spouse and the journey of a lifetime. Take advantage of your time together in a luxurious atmosphere. Have fun, meet new people, make new friends and be yourself, most of these people you will never see again.

Here’s to a Bon Voyage, a wonderful cruise ship wedding and great honeymoon.

Copyright Mary Hanna, All Rights Reserved.

This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

Mary Hanna has traveled the world by Air and Ship while writing eBooks, Software Reviews and Practical Articles on Internet Marketing, Cruising, Gardening and Cooking. Visit her websites at: and

When your uncle is a wedding videographer and you invite him on a weekend cruise you get a same cruise edit of your wedding video to show the other guests…the day after the wedding.
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