Considering A Wedding On A Cruise Ship

Article by Steve Knowles

A wedding cruise is for those couples who want to do something completely different to the usual wedding theme, enter the wedding cruise. Nothing against a traditional church wedding but as in everything there should be choice. Couples who would be considering a wedding cruise would be looking for something different to differentiate their special day. Keeping this romantic notion in mind and also keeping your mind clear and focused is only the beginning. All weddings take a lot of planning and a wedding cruise is no exception, in fact it adds more things that are needed to organize. You need to be aware of a few benefits and detractions.

The Benefits

A wedding cruise guarantees a certain amount of excitement, as if you need to increase that. You will have a captive audience. Cruise ships do have a chapel as part of it’s layout although it would probably not be large enough to accept the entire wedding cruise party. You can choose the wedding cruise route depending on the shipping company product. If you want to cruise the tropics or cuise the northern hemisphere it is up to you. Some couples would not mind in fact they would welcome the opportunity to share their honeymoon with close family and friends. The actual ceremony can be carried out onshore under the shade of a palm tree or in the parklands with a vista of mountains as your backdrop.

The Detractions

A wedding cruise is not suitable for everyone, a wedding is an expensive proposition on it’s own, throw in the added cost of the wedding cruise and you will have a very large bill heading your way. Planning considerations of a wedding cruise are very complicated, for instance, visas and passports may be required, the numbers of guests will be reduced due to cost which may alienate some possible invitees. A wedding cruise will mean guests will have to take time off work, and not to forget the children of the guests will they onboard or will child minding be required.

An alternative to people missing out on the wedding cruise could be an after cruise ceremony so everyone feels part of the celebrations. Putting aside plenty of time to plan this type of wedding is necessary as it will take lots of foresight and patience. But if the couple are willing to work diligently to make this wedding cruise a reality it will certainly be a memorable experience.

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