Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular family and couple holiday option. More and more people opt for cruise holidays each year, resulting in advanced bookings being the only way to secure your place on one. Cruise liners are easily able to provide clients with holiday packages that offer absolute value for money. Cruise ship holidays usually offer travellers all the luxuries and comforts of a world class resort.

By chatting to a qualified and experienced travel agency such as Cruise Tag, you can expect to be provided access to a number of specials and discounts on offer. Rates for a cruise are reasonable, whether you book in advance or last minute. A cruise holiday package is usually all inclusive. This means that all your holiday expenses are all thought of and included. Meals, accommodation and entertainment are all included in most cruise packages. By booking your cruises though Cruise Tag you can expect to sit back and relax while they arrange your holiday and entertainment for you.

All cruise ships offer their own on board entertainment. Of course each cruise liner company has its own ships with their own features, but most of them have their own movie theatres, ball rooms, dance floors, casinos, restaurants, bars and much more. Depending on the package you buy, you might even be able to enjoy these features and facilities without paying anything extra. When going on a cruise you will also be provided with the opportunity to stop at a number of ports along the way and experience a taste of a variety of different countries.

When looking for a variety of cruises to choose from take the time to contact Cruise Tag, or visit their website at They will ensure that you are provided with access to the best cruise packages available on the market.

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CARNIVAL CRUISE SHIP EXECUTIVES COMMITTED CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE AGAINST THEIR EMPLOYEES AND PASSENGERS. CHILDREN AND BABIES KILLED. EXECUTIVES OF THE CRUISE COMPANIES ARE PAID MULTIPLE MILLIONS PER YEAR BY SALARY. THIS COMES FROM THE SAVINGS AND EXPENSE BY CUTTING THE OVERSIGHT AND TESTING NEEDED TO MONITOR THE QUALIFICATIONS OF SHIP CAPTAINS. THEY PLAYED RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH PASSENGERS. AND NOW THEY LOST. AND THE PASSENGERS PAID WITH THEIR LIVES! CORPORATE GREED LED TO THESE DEATHS! CARNIVAL AND COSTA CONCORDIA ARE GUILTY OF CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE AND HOMICIDE. PASSENGERS… STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! JOIN AND FIGHT THIS COMPANY WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. YOU HAVE BEEN TREATED WORSE THAN ANIMALS! Many Wall Street analysts, travel agents and other longtime industry watchers are bracing for at least a short-term slump in bookings industrywide as questions about the safety of cruise vacations swirl. The longer-term fallout is less clear, they say. “With the tragedy still fresh, it is difficult to know what the impact on future bookings may be,” says UBS analyst Robin Farley. “There are not many examples of incidents comparable to this.” Farley on Tuesday slashed her 2012 earnings estimate for Costa Cruises parent company Carnival Corp. to .03 a share, about 26% below the level she was expecting before the accident. She says the new forecast takes into account the impact of costs related to the accident, the Costa Concordia coming out of service and an expected slowdown in demand
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