How to Book Cruises Cheap

Article by Ryan Sutton

At some point we all fantasize about taking a cruise, though for many of us the price tag associated with it closes the door on that fantasy. I don’t believe anyone should miss out on the experience, so I’ve compiled a list of ways to help you book cruises cheap and turn your fantasy into a reality!

The first way to book cruises cheap is to cruise in the off season. Typically summer and holidays are prime cruising times and the price tag for these months reflects that. Sailing in the winter months is a much better option financially however; you do have to take a few things into consideration. You may find cruises cheap during this time, but you will also find unpredictable weather. Don’t be too quick to let that dissuade you though, as many people love cruising during the winter months.

The second method to finding cruises cheap comes down to timing. Some cruises lower rates if they have unsold rooms within 90 days of the sail date. On the flip side some cruises offer lower rates if you book a year or more in advance. Use this knowledge to your advantage. If you want to cruise now, use the 90 day rates. If you know it will be a while before you can go, then book a year or more in advance. Do not attempt to wait until the last minute though if you have your heart set on a specific cruise or you may miss out. If you absolutely have your heart set on a cruise that is 4 months away and during a prime cruising month, you should book as soon as possible. If you wait until the 90 day mark you may be disappointed to find your cruise is fully booked. Only use the 90 day option if you’re looking for any cruises cheap and not a specific one unless that specific one is already in that time frame.

The third way to find cruises cheap is to utilize a travel agent. Not only can they find cruises cheap, they can find you additional bonuses like free stateroom upgrades or on board credit. If using this option be sure you choose a reputable travel agent though. This is especially true of booking online, as there are many scammers out there today.

My final suggestion for finding cruises cheap is to consider taking a lesser stateroom and hoping for a free upgrade. When we took our first cruise we wanted an ocean view stateroom so that we had a window to look out of. Money was tight at that time, and we really didn’t want to pay the extra for it so we just went with an inside stateroom. When they assigned our room they gave us a free upgrade to a porthole room, so we got the window we wanted after all without having to pay for it. A word of caution when using this method though, it doesn’t always work. So you have to be sure that you’re truly going to be happy with the lesser room you settled for just in case you don’t receive the upgrade. Otherwise you may find cruises cheap and unpleasant!

Ryan Sutton is a cruise enthusiast and founder of the Cruise News Network. Visit his personal blog for more information on cruising.

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