Some Important Caribbean Cruise Travel Tips To Keep In Mind

Article by Steven Madden

If you are planning on a Caribbean Cruise, you better look for some important travel tips to help you enjoy your vacation. One of the first things you should look for is the perfect boat which suits all your needs. Many people have the notion that all of these cruise ships are the same and they make a huge mistake in booking the wrong boat. This usually happens when their attention is focused on where they want to go.Take note of the ship itself in terms of their facilities and atmosphere; you should take your time in choosing one because you will be on it for quite a while. You should know what type of ship you would like to travel in. Some people like the party ambiance while others would like to kick back and relax. So, work with your agent who specializes in cruising. Also, be sure to have a budget in mind before you consult an agent. Taking a cruise to the Caribbean is a perfect way to get a peek of some of the islands. This is the perfect way to travel to this location because you can fully enjoy the atmosphere. There are people who make the mistake of booking a lively ship with loud music and partying, when all they want to do is relax. Some people claim that the room in a cruise ship does not matter since all you will be doing there is sleeping and getting dressed. However, this is not completely true! It is actually advised that you avail of the best cabin your budget allows. This applies mostly for those who are going on their honeymoon. You should research on different boats and find out all you can about them, to be able to make an informed decision. There are some ships with very undesirable sleeping ares, so it pays to look in to the ships you have in mind.Pack light, yet be prepared. Only bring the things you know you will need, like if you are bringing soap and shampoo, leave the big bottles behind and consider filling tiny plastic containers for the amount you need. Always be prepared for the off chance of your luggage being lost! Pack light and bring a little bit of everything in your carry-on luggage just in case. You would not want to have to buy ridiculously expensive essentials from the cruise ship souvenir shop. Do some research on the area before you go on your Caribbean cruise. Being shore-savvy does pay off. There are some places where you would like to visit, and there are some to pass on. Read a little about the area and determine which places are worth taking an excursion to. Be sure to inquire about which cruises have the best service and the best ratings. Throughout the year, there are many promos and discounts on packages for honeymoons, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. Do not be afraid to ask about these, and remember to book your tickets in advance! Take note of these important travel tips to fully enjoy your amazing Caribbean Cruise.

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travelwishtv.comSeasickness – If you get seasick it can and will ruin your cruise experience. Unless you’re 100% sure you don’t get seasick be sure to take something just in case. Most ships have stabilizers you can still feel the boat rocking especially at night when the boat picks up speed while most passengers are tucked away in there beds. You have several options. A doctor can give you a prescription for a patch that will last the whole time. You can also take one a day Dramamine or Bonine. If it makes you sleepy just take it at night instead of in the morning. If you don’t like taking medicine you can purchase wristbands that prevent seasickness through pressure points on your wrist. Ginger tea has also been known to calm sea sickness. If a cup of hot tea isn’t the best thing on a Caribbean cruise try taking a couple of Ginger tablets morning and night. It’s not only supposed to prevent seasickness but is also supposed to help your food digest. It’s available at your drug store in the vitamin section. I suggest you buy some before you depart on your next cruise who knows you might just ease the sickness for yourself or a fellow passenger.

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