Hawaii Travel Tips: Visiting A Tropical Paradise

Article by Darlene Berkel

Ever wondered why Hawaii always makes it into the lists of “top ten” vacation destinations? Actually, once you consider the facts, it’s not hard to understand why Hawaii is on the list of top ten vacation destinations. For one thing, this chain of islands in the Pacific features some beautiful beaches, stunning volcanoes, and clear oceans, as well as a cheerful atmosphere and some friendly, hospitable people.

There is an important added attraction which Hawaii offers. It is conveniently located in the United States. This is good news for those concerned with travel safety since it means that travel to and within Hawaii is often considered more secure. Nevertheless, it is still wise to consider several Hawaii travel tips that will make your Hawaii vacation even better and safer!

Packing For Hawaii

The weather in Hawaii is quite mixed, daytime is warm, and requires light clothing, shorts, swim wear, and light t-shirts, while evenings tend to be cooler. You should consider strategically packing clothes which can be worn in layers. By doing this you will be able to warm up, or cool down, as needed.

Bear in mind that if you are visiting places such as the Haleakala National Park in Maui, or the Volcanoes National Park on the island Hawaii, sturdy shoes are a must. You should also dress appropriately for the cooler weather since the parks are at quite a high altitude.

And it goes without saying that you should bring sunscreen and bug spray when traveling to Hawaii, in order to prevent sun damage and diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Staying Safe in Hawaii

As with any popular tourist destination, remember not to leave your luggage unattended or store anything very valuable in the hotel safe, and do not carry large amounts of cash with you, as this may put you at risk of being targeted by pickpockets.

What about the Weather?

Hawaii is a tropical island, and like many other tropical areas, frequent natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and windstorms, are common in the area. This is no need for concern or anxiety since the weather is always monitored closely. However, if a Civil Defense Warning is issued, you should monitor the radio and television closely, and follow travel tips and instructions provided by the Hawaii officials.

Enjoy Your Stay

A trip to Hawaii is guaranteed to be a memorable one. The sights are amazing and the atmosphere is something you will remember for a long time. If you pack for the location, and follow some basic safety advice, you will be sure to have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

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